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Bates Motel

My Nerdy Review

Ok, I can’t hold my breathe to write something up on this, this soon into the series, But I have been really enjoying this series and we are only up to episode 4.

Does everyone remember Psycho? That old Black and White movie made by Hitchcock. Yes you do…. you can’t forget the famous shower seen!

Brilliant movie, you need to watch that before watching Bates Motel.

Bate Motel is suppose to be the TV series prequel to the movie Psycho. Even tho there are 4 movies and a remake.

The series start with a death in the family, that gives Norma and Norman Bates a chance for a new start in a new place. Norma buys an old run down hotel. She wants to fix it all up and start a new family business from it. She changes the name of the hotel after her son Bates Hotel. They were barely there for 24…

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Rubi Sparks

Rubi Sparks.

This is my favourite essay. I wrote this in three days of inspiration where everything in these films just clicked. It’s quite long so feel free to skip the intro or jump ahead to the Fight Club section in the second half. Feel free to comment as well.

Anamorphic Tilt

The female characters in John Ford’s The Searchers and Seven Women, Hamlet and Fight Club suggest that the early stages of culture are created organically by an internal ‘feminine’ process. This is not the same as an ‘organic society’ where each individual serves as part of the societal bodies functions. It is the cultivation of culture that these women represent. This will be examined by analysing the abstract ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ archetypes1 of the characters Dr Cartwright (Seven Women), Ethan (The Searchers), Jack (Fight Club) and Hamlet.

The Transition to the Feminine

The transition to the ‘feminine’ will be explained using Dr Cartwright (Ann Bancroft) and her wounded ‘femininity’. The ‘masculine’ will be examined in the outward actions of the male characters Ethan (John Wayne) in ‘The Searchers’ and ‘Fight Club’s’ Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). This will involve the impact that the female characters Debbie and Marla on these overtly…

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Anamorphic Tilt

I get asked a lot about what films to watch to develop their appreciation of quality movies. While I like all kinds of movies and I do like trash cinema films of the 70s and 80s, what I love are the films that create that sensation where you feel like you’ve just seen something new or something that may not have ever been seen before and it feels like your scalp has peen peel open and someone has dropped sweet fresh honey directly onto the grey matter of my brain. This can be in a dialogue exchange, a look between characters or an interesting camera angle.

I therefore wanted to compile a list of films that I have found profound and that I feel stays with you long after you have seen it. As a dear friend of mine said “I know I’ve seen a great film if I’m thinking…

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