Rambo: First Blood (1982) / Rambo (2008)

In the latest episode of The Soylent GreenScreen Podcast Wayne, Michelle and The Justins take on Rambo to discuss whether these are silly action films or if there is something else going within this character. 

We cover the usage of post vietman america and whether First Blood is am anti-war film, the Frankenstein themes, whether the sheriff was right to want Rambo to leave, and the importance of Colonel Trautman. We also compare First Blood to The Incredible Hulk TV series.

In the second half we examine the most recent 2008 Rambo film, simply titled, Rambo. This was the first Rambo film to be directed by Sylvester Stallone. In this part of the episode we discuss the excessive violence, the usage of the Burmese genocide and how this film shed some light on a clonflict that had been largely ignored in the west. We also discuss how Stallone was able to cast genuine Freedom Fighters in this film, why this film was banned in certain countries.

We also discuss the series in general and how Rambo was trapped within the franchise machinery of the 1980s. 

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