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The Asylum: Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark / Sharknado (the first one)



With Wayne in Tasmania fighting The Bass Strait Sharknado it’s up to Darkest-timeline Justin, to accept Anne and Nick’s request to venture inside The Asylum and take on their obsession with Sharks in this Sharktacular episode. In this episode we discuss the B-film inspired Asylum films; Mega-Shark vs Mecha-Shark followed by a discussion on The Asylum’s most successful movie, Sharknado. Joining Darkest-Timeline Justin are regular co-hosts Michelle and Regular Justin. You can subcribe and review our show on iTunes or Stitcher.  

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Melbourne Cinema History Part 3: The Sound of Music

The final part of our podcast on the history of Melbourne Cinemas our discussion with Michelle’s dad, Bryan turns to Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music Ran for a staggering 140 weeks in Melbourne’s Paris Theatre, perhaps better known to history buffs as The Lyceum. The Paris/Lyceum was pulled down in the 70s and replaced by The Tivoli Arcade. 

Tivoli Arcade Bourke Street

The Tivoli Arcade

 The Sound of Music was directed by Robert Wise (The Day The Earth Stood Still) and starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. 


Rivoli NY


The Rivoli is in NY. No pictures were available for The Paris. 

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Melbourne Cinema History Part2: Around The World in 80 Days

In the scond part of our epic podcasting night with Michelle’s dad we discuss the 1956 version of Jules Verne’s Around The World in 80 Days, starring David Niven, Shirley McClaine, Cantinflas and a swag of celebrity cameos ranging from Caesar Romero to Buster Keaton. 

Through this discussion Bryan (Michelle’s dad) explains the importance of this film and why it ran for three and a half years. He also introduces us to the Todd AO processor and how they used the hot airballoon as a way of marketing Todd AO. Todd AO was the foundation of high fidelity surround and the widescreen 70mm format as we know it today. Before this time they had to use three cameras and three projectors to present cinerama. With Todd AO they were able to record a widescreen image on a single strip of film with six channel surround sound. So this was a ground breaking cinematic achievement. Bryan also points out the number of celebrity cameos in this film and brings us a deeper and more complex understanding of the era that Around The World in 80 Days was made. 

More on Todd AO


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Melbourne Cinema History Part 1: South Pacific


In this episode the Soylent GreenScreen is joined by Michelle’s dad, Bryan. Bryan was generous enough to be our special guest and share his memories of being raised by the manager of the Esquire theatre, Gil (1924 – 2014). Gil managed some of Melbourne’s finest cinemas from the 1950s through to the 70s. Gil was there for a time that History seems to forgotten now that cinema has been subsumed by the multiplex. 

This conversation with Bryan stretched out to over 2 hours so we broke it into three parts. The first part is focused on South Pacific (1958), whilst we all agreed that this wasn’t the best of the films in cinema history, it ran for three years at The Esquire on Bourke Street. Thus cementing its place in cinema history.

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More info on The Esquire can be found on the Technicolor Yawn Blog

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Veronica Mars / Captain America: Winter Soldier

Veronica MarsCaptain America 2 Poster



In this episode Wayne and Darkest-timeline Justin discuss Veronica Mars and Captain America: Winter Soldier and the ways in which these films reinvented their respective genres. Yes, there are character spoilers but we promise that the mystery Veronica Mars solves is not discussed or given away. In the second half we discuss the ways that Captain America: Winter Soldier reinvented espionage and paranoia films of the 60s and 70s on a grand scale. This is followed by further discussion on The Raid 2 reinventing the fight/action film, with a few references to Ozploitation films. 


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