Fantasy Women of Ruby Sparks, Her and Lars & The Real Girl

In our 17th episide from The Soylent Greenscreen Podcast, Darkest-Timeline Justin, Michelle, Regular Justin and Wayne discuss three films about fantasy women and unfulfilled men trying to establish their identities. While these films tell the same story of the inanimate object developing a life beyond the control of the owner/creator they all present unique worlds, differing genres and three men at different stages of the ir emotional development. 

The first film is the 2007 contemporary comedy-drama Lars and The Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling as Lars and Emily Mortimer as Karin. This was one of the few films that we all gave a similar rating. 

Lars &TRG

Our second film was the 2013 Spike Jonz science-fiction-romantic-drama Her starring Joaquin Pheonix as Theodore and Scarlett Johanssenn as the voice of Samantha. 


Our last film and perhaps the most controversial was the 2012 fantasy drama with darker undertones, Ruby Sparks. This film written by and starring Zoe Kazan as Ruby, with Paul Dano as Calvin.

Ruby Sparks

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