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Review of Chef by Wayne & Michelle

In this mini episode Wayne and Michelle discuss the new film Chef, written, directed and starring John Favreau. This is one of those films that may slip below the radar during the Blockbuster film season. However, we felt that this was one of the more honest and rereshing American films in some time. Through this twenty minute episode we discuss John Favreau’s career, food porn and how bizarre a conversation with Robert Downey Jnr. may be. 

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X-Men: Days of Future Past – Reviewed by Justin, Wayne and Darkest-Timeline Justin

In this episode Wayne, Justin and Darkest-Timeline Justin review the new X-men film. Throughout the discussion we look at the X-men film franchise and how this film surprisingly feels like a real film with actual characters. We also look at the time travel dynamics in comparison to other time travel stories, an explanation of why the Star Trek films needed a reboot and X-men didn’t, why Professor X still can’t walk after coming back from the dead and how Bryan Singer may have pulled off the greatest retcon in film history.

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Vigilantes: Hobo with a Shotgun / Bad-Ass

All he wanted was a lawnmower

In our latest episode of The Soylent Greenscreen Podcast Justin, Michelle, Darkest-Timeline Justin and Wayne discuss the 2011, Grindhouse inspired Canadian film Hobo With A Shotgun starring Rutger Hauer. Throughout this discussion we look at extreme violence and revenge stories. We discuss the themes of the film as well as the peculiar absence of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino having no association to a film that was sold based on the mock preview the filmmakers produced from a Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse competition. This is followed up with a comparative look at the Danny Trejo 2012 film, Bad-Ass. This film was inspired by a real altercation that became a YouTube hit.

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Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (1927) – Reviewed by Wayne and Cam (Guest Podcaster)

In this episode Wayne discusses the 1927 Fritz Lang classic, Metropolis with guest podcaster Cam. Through this episode we discuss the transitions from silent to talking films, how it was acceptable to speak during silent films, how Metropolis impacted film as we know it today and the changes in acting styles from early to latter silent films.

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