The Amazing Spider-man Sequel (A.K.A. ASS)


In this mini episode Darkest Timeline Justin and Wayne review The Amazing Spider-man 2: Rise of Electro and discuss what could very well be the worst hollywood tentpole film in a very long time. 

Darkest Timeline Justin says, Amazing Spider-man Sequel (ASS) Is a real stamina test. At 2 and a half hours it felt like my eyes were going to drop out. On the upside Spiderman in costume is much improved and the scenes of him flying through the streets are the best they’ve ever been. That said, the movie itself is a disjointed mess mostly interested in setting up future installments and spin offs rather than telling an actual story. Peter Parker as a hero is still a character I can’t connect with. The love story between him and Gwen is tiresome and after a while you just sort of try to tune it out or use it to relax your eyes. Character behaviour is driven by what the story needs rather than by their own personality and needs. The fight scenes are stunning but it does suffer from it being CGI smackdown between two characters. So what is the story about? Well nothing really there isnt one, it’s just a garbled mess. 3/10

Wayne on the other hand thought ASS was so bad that he gave it a deficit score of -2/10. Because 0 wasn’t low enough. If you want to hear why listen to the episode. If you don’t agree you can twittify us @SGSpod or comment on our facebook page at 

Check out this episode!

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