Bates Motel

My Nerdy Review

Ok, I can’t hold my breathe to write something up on this, this soon into the series, But I have been really enjoying this series and we are only up to episode 4.

Does everyone remember Psycho? That old Black and White movie made by Hitchcock. Yes you do…. you can’t forget the famous shower seen!

Brilliant movie, you need to watch that before watching Bates Motel.

Bate Motel is suppose to be the TV series prequel to the movie Psycho. Even tho there are 4 movies and a remake.

The series start with a death in the family, that gives Norma and Norman Bates a chance for a new start in a new place. Norma buys an old run down hotel. She wants to fix it all up and start a new family business from it. She changes the name of the hotel after her son Bates Hotel. They were barely there for 24…

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  1. Yes, I remember the movie. It is a classic.


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